Hawaii (1795-1898.8.12)

Founded in 1795. A constitutional system was introduced in 1840 with the promulgation of a constitution. In 1893 Dole, leader of the USA migrants, staged a coup and seized power. In 1894 the monarchical system was abolished. In 1898 Hawaii was annexed by USA.

/Viti, Fiji/ (1871.6.5-1874.10.10)

Established by Cakobau, who was the leader of the indigenous tribal league and was made King by the Western colonizers in 1871, with the government formed by Westerners. The regime ceased to exist after Cakobau concluded an agreement with Britain ceding Fiji Islands to the latter.

Tonga (1875.11.4- )

Founded in 1875 with a constitutional monarchical system.

*Human Rights and Democracy Party [HRDM] 2006.3.30-2010.12.22
*Democratic Party of the Friendly Islands (split from HRDM) 2014.12.30-2019.9.27
*People's Party 2019.9.27-

Australia (1901.1.1- )

Established in 1901 with a parliamentary cabinet system. Bascially ruled by the Labour Party and the Liberal Party alternately since 1908.

*Protectionist Party [PP] 1901.1.1-1904.4.26
*Labour Party [ALP] 1904.4.26-.8.18
*Free Trade Party [FT] 1904.8.18-1905.7.5
*PP 1905.7.5-1908.11.13
*ALP 1908.11.13-1909.6.2
*Liberal Party [LP] (formed by the merger of PP and FT) 1909.6.2-1910.4.29
*ALP 1910.4.29-1913.4.24
*LP 1913.4.24-1914.9.17
*ALP 1914.9.17-1916.11.14
*National Labor Party [NLP] (split from ALP) 1916.11.14-1917.2.17
*National Party [NP] (formed by the merger of NLP and LP) 1917.2.17-1929.10.22
*ALP 1929.10.22-1932.1.6
*United Australia Party [UAP] (developed from NP) 1932.1.6-1939.4.7
*UAP 1939.4.26-1941.8.29
*Country Party 1941.8.29-.10.7
*ALP 1941.10.7-1949.12.19
*LP(previously UAP) 1949.12.19-1967.12.17
*LP 1968.1.10-1972.12.5
*ALP 1972.12.5-1975.11.11
*LP 1975.11.11-1983.3.11
*ALP 1983.3.11-1996.3.11
*LP 1996.3.11-2007.12.3
*ALP 2007.12.3-

New Zealand (1907.9.26- )

Established in 1907 with a parliamentary cabinet system. Ruled by the Labour Party and the National Party alternately since 1935.

*Liberal Party [Lib] 1907.9.26-1912.7.10
*Reform Party [Ref] 1912.7.10-1928.12.10
*United Party [UP] (previously Lib) 1928.12.10-1935.12.5
*Labour Party [Lab] 1935.12.5-1949.12.13
*National Party [Nat] (formed by the merger of UP and Ref) 1949.12.13-1957.12.12
*Lab 1957.12.12-1960.11.26
*Nat 1960.11.26-1972.12.8
*Lab 1972.12.8-1975.12.12
*Nat 1975.12.12-1984.7.26
*Lab 1984.7.26-1990.11.2
*Nat 1990.11.2-1999.12.10
*LP 1999.12.10-2008.11.19
*Nat 2008.11.19-2017.10.26
*Lab 2017.10.26-

Western Samoa-Samoa (1962.1.1- )

In 1962 Western Samoa declared independence from New Zealand. Since 1976 the country is under the alternate rule of the Christian Democratic Party and the Human Rights Protection Party. In 1997 the country's name was changed to Samoa.

*Christian Democratic Party [CDP] 1976.3.24-1982.4.13
*Human Rights Protection Party [HRPP] 1982.4.13-.9.18
*CDP 1982.9.18-.12.31
*HRPP 1982.12.31-

Cook Islands (1965.8.4- )

Cook Islands exercised self-rule and became an associated state of New Zealand in 1965. Since then, it was basically under the alternate rule of the Cook Islands Party and Democratic Party.

*Cook Islands Party [CIP] 1965.8.4-1978.7.25
*Democratic Party [DP] 1978.7.25-1983.4.13
*CIP 1983.4.13-.8.2; 1983.8.19-.11.16
*DP 1983.11.16-1989.2.1
*CIP 1989.2.1-1999.11.18
*Democratic Alliance Party [DAP] (developed from DP) 1999.11.18-2003
*DP (developed from DAP) 2003-2004.12.11
*True Democratic Party [DTP] (split from DP) 2004.12.14-2005.9
*Cook Islands First Party (previously DTP) 2005.9-2006
*DP 2006-2010.11.30
*CIP 2010.11.30-

Nauru (1968.1.31- )

Nauru declared independence from Australia in 1968. Since independence, there have been conflicts between the President and the Parliament, leading to political instability.

*Nauru Party [NP] 1976.12.22-1978.4.19
*NP 1986.9.17-.10.1
*NP 1986.12.12Ал..22
*Democratic Party [DP] (previously NP) 1989.12.12-1995.11.22
*DP 1996.11.11-.12.19
*Centre Party 1997.2.12Ал1998.6.18
*DP 1998.6.18-1999.4.27
*DP 2000.4.20-2001.3.30
*DP 2003.1.9-..17
*DP 2003.1.18-.3.10
*Nauru First Party 2011.11.10Ал..15

Fiji (1970.10.10- )

Fiji gained independence from Britain in 1970. Between 1970 and 1999, the country came under the prolonged rule of the Alliance Party. In 1987 General Rabuka seized power, but civilian rule was resumed in the same year. Since 2000 General Bainimarama seized power by staging coups twice.

*Alliance Party [AP] 1970.10.10-1987.4.13
*National Federation Party 1987.4.13-.5.14
*AP 1987.12.5-1990.6
*Fijian Political Party [FPP] (developed from AP) 1990.6-1999.5.19
*Labour Party 1999.5.19-2000.5.19
*Fijian United Party 2001.3.16-2006.12.5
*Fiji First Party 2014.5-

Niue (1974.10.19- )

Niue exercised self-rule and became an associated state of New Zealand in 1974. After the only party, People's Action Party was dissolved in 2003, non-partisan politics was practiced in Niue.

*People's Action Party [NAPAP] 1992.12.12-1993.3.9
*NAPAP 1999.3.26-2003.7

Papua New Guinea (1975.9.16- )

In 1975 Papua New Guinea declared independence from Australia.

*Papua New Guinea Union Party [PGU] (commonly known as Pangu Party) 1975.9.16-1980.3.11
*People's Progress Party [PPP] 1980.3.11-1982.8.2
*PGU 1982.8.2-1985.11.21
*People's Democratic Movement [PDM] (split from PNGUP) 1985.11.21-1988.7.4
*PGU 1988.7.4-1992.7.17
*PDM 1992.7.17-1994.8.30
*PPP 1994.8.30-1997.7.22
*People's National Congress [PNC] 1997.7.22-1999.7.14
*PDM 1999.7.14-2002.8.5
*National Alliance Party (split from PGU) 2002.8.5-2011.8.2
*PNC 2011.8.2-2019.5.30
*PGU 2019.5.30-

Northern Mariana (1978.1.9- )

In 1978 Northern Mariana became a commonwealth of USA and was granted self-rule. Since then Northern Mariana was under the alternate rule of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

*Democratic Party [Dem] 1978.1.9-1982.1.11
*Republican Party [Rep] 1982.1.11-1994.1.9
*Dem 1994.1.9-1998.1.12
*Rep 1998.1.12-2006.1.9
*Covenant Party 2006.1.9-

Solomon Islands (1978.7.7- )

In 1978 Solomon Islands declared independence from Britain.

*United Party [SIUPA] 1978.7.7-1981.8.31
*People's Alliance Party [PAP] 1981.8.31-1984.11.19
*SIUPA 1984.11.19-1989.3.28
*PAP 1989.3.28-1993.6.18
*Group for National Unity and Reconcilation 1994.11.7-1997.8.27
*Liberal Party-Alliance for Change [SILP-SIAC] 1997.8.27-2000.6.30
*People's Progressive Party [PPP] 2000.6.30-2001.12.17
*PAP 2001.12.17-2006.4.20
*Association of Independent Members of Parliament 2006.4.20-.5.4
*Social Credit Party [SISCP] 2006.5.4-2007.12.20
*SILP-SIAC 2007.12.20-2010.8.25
*PPP 2010.8.25-2011.11.16
*Party for Rural Advancement 2011.11.16-2014.12.9
*Ownership, Unity and Responsibility Party (formerly SISCP) 2014.12.9-2016.11
*Democratic Party 2017.11.15-2019.4.24

Tuvalu (1978.10.1- )

In 1978 Tuvalu declared independence from Britain. Party politics is not practised in this country since independence.

Marshall Islands (1979.5.1- )

Established by USA in 1979, this regime gained independence in 1990.

*Our Islands [AKA] (commonly called Kabua Party) c.1991-2000.1.10
*United Democratic Party [UDP] 2000.1.10-2008.1.7
*United People's Party 2008.1.7-2009.10.21
*UDP 2009.11.2-2012.1.10
AKA 2012.1.10-2016.1.11
*Our Government (split from AKA) 2012.1.11-..28

Micronesia (1979.5.10- )

Established by USA in 1979, this regime gained independence in 1990. Party politics is not practised in this country since independence.

Kiribati (1979.7.12- )

In 1979 Kiribati declared independence from Britain.

*National Progress Party [NPP] 1979.7.12-1982.12.10
*NPP 1983.2.18-1994.5.24
*Protect the Maneaba (developed from NPP) 1994.10.1-2003.3.28
*Pillars of Truth (split from NPP) 2003.7.10-2016.3.11
*Embracing Kiribati Party 2016.3.11-

Vanuatu (1980.7.30- )

In 1980 Vanuatu declared independence from Britain and France. A parliamentary cabinet system was adopted.

*Our Land Party [VP] 1980.7.30-1991.12.16
*Union of Moderate Parties [UPM] 1991.12.16-1998.3.30
*VP 1998.3.30-1999.11.25
*Melanesian Progressive Party [MPP] (split from VP) 1999.11.25-2001.4.13
*VP 2001.4.13-2004.7.29
*UPM 2004.7.29-.12.11
*National United Party (split from VP) 2004.12.11-2008.9.22
*VP 2008.9.22-2010.12.2
*People's Progress Party [PPP] (split from MPP) 2010.12.2-2011.4.24
*UPM 2011.4.24-.5.13
*PPP 2011.5.13-.6.16
*VP 2011.6.16-..26
*PPP 2011.6.26-2013.3.21
*Green Confederation 2013.3.23-2014.5.15
*VP 2014.5.15-2015.6.11
*PPP 2015.6.11-2016.2.11
*Reunification of Movements for Change 2016.2.11-

Palau (1981.1.1- )

Established by USA in 1981, this regime gained independence in 1994. Party politics is not practised in this country since independence.

Bougainville (1990.5.17-1998.1.22)

In 1990 the Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA) unilaterally declared independence of Bougainville Island from Papua New Guinea. This regime was dissolved and Bougainville reverted to Papua New Guinea after BRA concluded a peace settlement with the government of Papua New Guinea.

*Revolutionary Army 1990.5.17-1998.1.22

French Polynesia (2004.2.27- )

In 2004 French Polynesia became a French overseas country.

*Our Home-Popular Rally Union for a Popular Movement [TH-UMP] 2004.2.27-.6.14
*People's Servant-Front for the Liberation of Polynesia [TH-FLP] 2004.6.14-.10.23
*TH-UMP 2004.10.23-2005.3.3
*TH-FLP 2005.3.3-2006.12.26
*TH-UMP 2006.12.26-2007.9.13
*TH-FLP 2007.9.13-2008.2.23
*TH-UMP 2008.2.23-.4.15
*Polynesia, Our Home [OPTA] 2008.4.15-2009.2.11
*TH-FLP 2009.2.11-.11.24
*OPTA 2009.11.24-2011.4.1
*TH-FLP 2011.4.1-2013.5.17
*TH-UMP 2013.5.17-

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