Thank you for visiting my Mastermind website. I have added some new features to my original website (i.e. a Flash movie). To cater for the older browsers which do not support Flash, I have prepared two versions of my Mastermind websites: Flash and Gif versions. Moreover, I have also developed two Chinese versions of the site as well as two personal homepages. From now onwards, this website will serve as a link to my Mastermind websites and my personal homepages. Please choose one of the links below:

Mastermind Website (English Version with Flash Animation)
Mastermind Website (English Verison with Gif Animation)
Mastermind Website (Traditional Chinese Verison)
Mastermind Website (Simplified Chinese Verison)
My Personal Homepage (English Version)
My Personal Homepage (Chinese Version)

HERE is also a Belorussian translation of this webpage.