This chronology outlines the political development of the nations in the world. The main theme of this timeline is about political history. In general, this timeline does not include data of economic history, social hitory or cultural history.

As the world political history involves a great number of regimes, dynasties, historical figures and historical events, it is not possible to include all the data. Thus only the most important events are recorded in this chronology. For those historical periods when there emerged a large number of local regimes in a certain country (such as the Sixteen Kingdoms of China, the Medieval German states, etc.), I do not intend to give a detailed account of the rise and fall of these regimes. Readers who are interested in the history of these regimes may consult the relevant books or websites such as Regnal Chronologies.

The historical events in this timeline are arranged in chronological order. Wherever possible, the most precise time is recorded for each event. For those events that span more than one period of time, the events may be recorded in different entries or recorded under one entry.

For those entries recording the establishment of a new regime or new dynasty, beginning of a new historical period, the accession of famous rulers or any other significant historical events, the name of the relevant regime, dynasty, historical period, ruler or event is shown in red, so as to highlight the theme of the entry.

You are welcome to provide data to make this chronology more complete and accurate. Should you have any data or comments, please email to


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